Frequently Asked Questions about Zbatery

Be sure to check out the Rainbows! FAQ and the Unicorn FAQ as well.

Mongrel -> Unicorn -> Rainbows! -> Zbatery. Why another server?

Not everybody can afford to run a master process or multiple worker processes. Nor do they need all the Unix signals support from Rainbows!/Unicorn. We hope this is actually a temporary project that can eventually be folded back into Mongrel.

Why not stick to Mongrel?

Unfortunately Mongrel 2.x development has stalled and the majority of the team is busy with other projects. However, Unicorn and Rainbows! development continues with less concern for portability.

Rainbows! is the only Ruby web server we know of that supports a wide variety of concurrency models, so we decided to take advantage of the options Rainbows! provides instead of being tied to one.

What's Rack? Do you support Rails?

Rack is a minimal specification between Ruby web servers (e.g. Mongrel, Zbatery) and Ruby web frameworks (e.g. Rails, Sinatra, Camping). Instead of requiring a new handler for every framework a server wants to support, web servers only need to support Rack. As of late 2009, all major Ruby web frameworks are built on top of Rack, including Rails.

What platforms are supported?

Any platform running matz's Ruby 1.8 or 1.9 should work with Zbatery. We have not tested on anything other than GNU/Linux and FreeBSD, so please let us know of your success/failure stories. Rubinius 1.0.0rc1 appears to work, too (if you're using Unicorn 0.95.2 or later).

We love to hear from you!
Email patches (using git send-email), pull requests (formatted using git request-pull), questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. to us publically at:
Mail archives are available at: http://bogomips.org/rainbows-public/
Please send plain-text email only and do not waste bandwidth on HTML mail, HTML mail will not be read.
Quote as little as reasonable and do not top post.
For sensitive topics, email us privately at: rainbows@bogomips.org